MATLAB Hardware Integration Using HDL Coder

HDL Coder is a MATLAB(R) based software that helps diagnose an individual’s HDL cholesterol level by obtaining a range of information from the patient’s blood. HDL cholesterol is a type of fat soluble lipid, and is an important factor in one’s health as it helps to transport oxygen in the blood.

HDL Coder gives the patient a report of his or her HDL cholesterol level. The software’s graphical user interface (GUI) enables the doctor to follow the data in the report and take the necessary actions. By using HDL Coder, doctors can correctly diagnose the patient’s HDL cholesterol level, thus allowing him or her to make the necessary medical decisions.

HDL Coder is easy to use for the patient, as the software takes advantage of MATLAB to analyze and interpret the HDL results. The ability to retrieve and analyze the information on a computer makes HDL Coder a good choice for the patient.

As mentioned earlier, HDL Coder analyzes the HDL results. For the HDL Coder user, the GUI makes it possible to explore the report in multiple ways such as by differentiating different HDL levels, by identifying certain areas that require further investigation, by generating graphs, etc.

After getting the HDL results, HDL Coder then presents the patient with different options for treating the HDL problem. The software’s analysis allows the user to choose between various medications, including those that are FDA approved and those that don’t have FDA approval.

The HDL Coder system runs on an operating system that is compatible with MATLAB. That means MATLAB is a perfectly suitable tool for HDL analysis as it has a set of functions that enable the user to examine the HDL data.

While the software is not specifically designed for studying HDL data, it is possible to also useMATLAB for the analysis of HDL data. Although the functionality of the HDL Coder and MATLAB is similar, the MATLAB interfaces with the HDL Coder are somewhat different.

Since HDL data is quite complex, HDL Coder requires plenty of analysis and interpretation. The MATLAB interfaces allow the user to manipulate the HDL data as well as read the results into an Excel spreadsheet.

The MATLAB interface allows the HDL analysis to be run from the command line. This feature, especially when used with MATLAB, is extremely useful for most users.

In addition to analyzing the HDL data, HDL Coder also lets the user generate HDL graphs, which graphically display the HDL results. HDL graphs are sometimes more attractive than those generated using MATLAB.

For many patients, MATLAB is only a good choice when it comes to analyzing the HDL data. If the HDL analysis is a work in progress, it is important to use the HDL Coder GUI.

HDL Coder offers an interface that helps the HDL analysis be conducted as quickly as possible. By using the interface, it is possible to generate HDL graphs as well as perform other MATLAB based tasks in less time.