MatLab Assignment Helps – Satellite Imaging

A discussion between my class and the instructor regarding Satellite Imaging prompted me to write this article. Specifically, I want to share our experiences using MatLab to help with assignments for the Computer-Aided Software Engineering class. Without further ado, I’ll share our experiences in this article.

Throughout the semester, the instructor has instructed us to read a chapter on Satellite Imaging during the lecture discussion. The lecture topics are used as a foundation to help students become familiar with various subjects such as Automotive, Physics, Biology, Business, Chemistry, and Computer-Aided Design. In this specific case, we were also introduced to MatLab.

As a new student, I was unsure about what this course’s assignment help would look like, since I had never used it before. Naturally, the instructor went through the course material with me, so I was able to give my own opinion on the subject. I’ve been using MatLab ever since.

In the course book, the instructor gave an introduction to MatLab. He then explained that the program can be used to generate models of engineering in 3D and save them to a disk. However, the data can only be used to solve simple equations.

To show the students how to add these equations, he instructed us to have a text box containing a picture of a step ladder. We could use our mouse to interact with the box and drag one leg at a time. For the highest point, we would need to reach into the box and click on the picture to complete the equation.

Now, the lesson unfolded and I was asked to find the function to compute the slope of a step ladder. Before taking the course, the instructor explained that the slope of a step ladder is the time it takes for the center of the ladder to change directions. It is based on a Taylor series, which is usually set to be linear. Since I already knew this, I simply selected a function that I thought had a Taylor series.

After doing a series of calculations and changing parameters until I found the slope I was looking for, I discovered that there was no slope to be found with MatLab. That’s when I realized I needed the ability to write a program that would compute slopes for me. Once I understood the concept, I started trying to find a solution in MatLab.

I ended up writing a small function that takes the x and y coordinates of two points and returns the slope of a line from one point to the other. From there, I turned to the MatLab Course Book for an explanation of the code and how to use it. The information provided helped me out tremendously.

We decided to work on a few assignments with MatLab. One involved plotting the image of a test fixture in a curved surface in MatLab. We decided to use a different dataset and use the function in the same manner we had done in class.

At first, we would plot the edge of the fixture on the curve and calculate the angle at which the fixture was touching the curve. Then, we plotted the image of the fixture on the flat surface and computed the slope as we had done in class.

Once we understood how to do the computations, we looked up a couple of functions in the class manual to see if we could find one that produced the same result using MatLab. We didn’t find anything similar but it did give us an idea on what the functions should look like.

This is just one example of how MatLab can be used to help with assignments for Computer-Aided Software Engineering. My MatLab assignment help on Satellite Imaging was relatively short, but well-written. The instructor showed us how easy it is to use MatLab to solve some complex problems with very little overhead.