Automated Vehicle Counting and Classification With MATLAB

An Automated Vehicle Counting and Classification application is required for Automated Vehicle Operation testing and certification. This test and certification is the process by which an Automated Vehicle Operator verifies the ability of the Vehicle to meet the standard and verify that it is meeting the standards for proper operation.

Vehicle count is a mathematical computation of the number of trucks and vehicles operating in the state’s roadways at any given time. Vehicle count can be computed on the basis of a variety of input data. This data might include real-time dispatch information, Department of Transportation statistics, or information obtained from route logs.

Vehicle count is required for training purposes and verification of knowledge in the operation of trucks and other vehicles on public roads. The purpose of the test is to insure that Automated Vehicle Operators is properly trained in the operation of trucks and other vehicles on public roads. The operator must maintain a driving record and pass a driver’s licensing test to receive certification to operate the Truck Driver Certification Program.

To qualify for Automated Vehicle Certification, each Automated Vehicle must pass a Vehicle Counting and Classification test to verify the vehicle’s actual load capacity. This will ensure that all vehicles are properly tagged.

Vehicle Counting and Classification is an essential component of the Automated Vehicle Operator qualification process. It will determine the vehicle’s actual load capacity and verify that each vehicle can safely accommodate loads in accordance with the requirement.

Testing is usually administered on a third-party certified, comprehensive and automated vehicle testing facility. Vehicle count results and vehicle certification certificates can be reviewed and downloaded at a web site. It also enables the vehicle operator to view the test results and current certification status by logging onto the automated testing site.

Matlab, the MATLAB language, has been widely used in Automated Vehicle Counting and Classification for several years. Matlab functions can be written in the form of code and executed via the MATLAB IDE.

MATLAB supports most MATLAB languages, including Pascal, Fortran, Modula-2, SML, and C++. MATLAB functions provide measurement options, measure or count parameters, change a parameter, calculate variables, create tables and merge data. MATLAB allows for multiple execution of various operations.

The MATLAB programming language provides a large collection of example programs and enables rapid experimentation and modification of code. MATLAB can also be used to demonstrate the use of Matlab for Automated Vehicle Counting and Classification training.

A Matlab course, which contains MATLAB code to measure and classify vehicles and their loads, is an affordable training tool that will train operators in using the MATLAB language. For those who have never learned MATLAB or have no prior experience with the MATLAB language, a MATLAB course will equip them with the skills they need to perform truck and vehicle operations. In addition, the course shows MATLAB programmers how to customize their MATLAB code to meet the needs of commercial trucking companies.

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MATLAB can also be used to illustrate the use of Matlab for Automated Vehicle Counting and Classification training. For example, MATLAB training can show MATLAB programmers how to create a complex model of a particular Truck Operational System (TOS) or fleet-wide database. These applications can be implemented into MATLAB scripts or Matlab programs that are run via MATLAB.