A Simple SimuLink-Contro Design

A simple SimuLink-Contro design makes learning easy. The technical requirements are the same as for a traditional function model, with only two major differences:

*SimuLink functions (and actions) can be controlled from any computer connected to the Matlab workstation via a LAN or a WAN connection. No more hardware changes or physical wiring required. SimuLink is actually supported by Matlab and a SimuLink application in Matlab Express can be launched right from the Matlab workspace.

*Environment changes can be used to control the simulation. For example, changing the lighting of the simulation from an “air” simulation to a “matrix” simulation allows you to simulate objects under different illumination conditions. This change in lighting environment results in a change in the simulation parameters. SimuLink Contro can run in the light or matrix environment at any time.

*Matlab on exams is available in many formats, including PDF and JPEG. Exam question examples are available in PDF format as well as in JPEG format. Exam question examples are useful as reference material.

*In the same way that Matlab Express supports SimuLink applications, Matlab-based SimuLink applications can be run on the Simulink platform. What’s more, the Simulink technology can be extended to Matlab to create complex functions using Matlab’s high-level programming language.

*Matlab-based SimuLink applications can be run in either the environment or matrix environment, which has many advantages for the student. For example, it eliminates any extra wiring needed for remote operation, which allows SimuLink to run almost silently in the office. In addition, remote operations allow the student to have maximum control over the program. *The Matlab environment allows an even greater level of interactivity. It provides easy access to functions like plotting, plotting matrix calculations, and plotting objects with different levels of transparency (such as the environment, meshes, and materials).

*Students who don’t have a workstation at home can run SimuLink in the matrix environment and use Matlab for other applications. This is also an excellent opportunity to learn MATLAB and use its plotting capabilities. Some students do have a personal computer at home, but this leaves them short on their graphs, and lacking much control over the final project.

*As with Matlab, SimuLink can run in either environment. This makes it possible to combine the best of both worlds, learning MATLAB at the same time as using SimuLink for drawing, plotting, and model validation.

*Matlab can also act as an overlay for the simulation. Students can design materials and mesh objects based on the MATLAB layers they already have, and modify the software to apply additional geometry and coordinate systems.

*Several features of SimuLink are exclusive to Matlab, such as the Matrix Connect tool. The SimuLink Model Control (SCM) Toolbox can be accessed directly in Matlab, where it can control such simulation tasks as Mesh Representation, Vertex Coordinates, Loading Actions, Mesh Effects, and Skinning. The SCM Toolbox provides tools for manipulating simulation meshes, adding joints, and loading animation files into the simulation.

Matlab users should be able to create a simple SimuLink-Contro Design. It will make it easier for students to get started in SimuLink, allowing them to familiarize themselves with the SimuLink concepts, while testing skills, writing reports, and adding visuals quickly.